What is Kinesiology?

Berkhamsted Kinesiology

The kinesiology (muscle testing) procedure is very straightforward.

Once permission has been granted, the process will be explained and the limb to be tested will be placed in the exact starting position. You will be asked to ‘hold’ while I gently apply pressure, until I feel the limb ‘lock’ into place as the muscle ‘fires’, or until I feel that the response is ‘spongy’ or the limb begins to give way. Muscle testing is not a test of strength, but a gentle assessment of function.

I use a form of kinesiology which combines muscle testing with the use of an extensive range of homeopathic bio-markers* which allows me to ask very precise questions.

Assessment and treatment then takes place with you lying on a therapy couch. I usually recommend loose comfortable clothing, and for female clients, trousers or leggings.


Bio-Markers are a range of test vials which have been homeopathically programmed with a frequency which corresponds to a specific toxin, hormone, organ, etc.